Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Challenge #191

The challenge this week from, i am the diva, is a monotangle using Betweed.

Betweed is one of my favorite tangles to use, and over the years I have used it in many a tangle. I wanted to try something a little different with one of the Renaissance tiles, but what was in my head and what came out was not quite the same thing. That’s tangling for you! Here it is anyway, as with the end of the quarter this Thursday, I am up to my eyeballs in grading! If I have some extra time I may give it another go. 

 Also needed to get a Make Me Happy Zentangle finished for someone, and she wanted a tangled football ATC. So....

Are you ready for some Monday Night Football?!?

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Have a great week and Tangle on!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Challenge #190

The challenge this week from i am the diva is 
“Challenge Pink” for Breast Cancer
Laura asked us to use pink in memory of her grandmother Ardath. This challenge is near and dear to my heart as our family has been hit very heavily with this disease. 

I have lost my mother Elaine, my two aunts, Debbie and Jennifer, and my grandmother Beatrice to this disease. So Kjome ladies this one is for you!

For me it’s always a knock on wood, and so far so good, although I do have a couple of titanium markers. 

It is my Hope that someday this disease can be cured for everyone.

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Have a great weekend and Tangle On!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Challenge #189

Greetings to everyone today! Laura and family were celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this week, so we waited a day for the, i am the diva challenge to come out. It looks like they had a fabulous time! Our challenge this week was a UMT,  “Yuma” by Tina-AKUA, CZT. You can find the step outs for her tangle here. I decided to actually make it a mono-tangle for this first go around, and add a bit of fall color too. I like the overall way that it turned out but was unhappy with the Black ink smearing a bit when I went in with my colorless blender to blend the color pencil that I had added. I have not had that happen before. No time at the moment to re-do, as it’s back into Parent/Teacher conferences for me this evening. Maybe later in the week I can try another. 

Here is another of the Bijou tiles using Hypnotic. I think it’s going to go into a necklace for later this month! 

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Challenge #188

The challenge this week from i am the diva, comes from 12-year-old tangler Daniel, who wanted to support his friend who is gay. What a well spoken young man he is, who is being supportive to the LGBT community. Having friends and family in the community I couldn’t agree more. To read more of his story check out, i am the diva.

My time is limited as it is Parent/Teacher conferences at school this week and miscellaneous meetings to attend after school, so I used a rainbow to show my support on an ATC. 

My thanks to all of you who left me such lovely comments this past week! 
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekly Challenge #187

Greetings everyone. Here is my tile for the, i am the diva challenge this week. It was fun to just do a blind string and then have to work with it. As you can see, mine ran its self off the page ad back on. I also decided to leave a little white space, as I thought it might get to busy without it.

Here is the original string.

I also worked some more with Diva Dance and Phicops from a couple of weeks ago,


 and on an ATC, for a trade over at ATCsforAll.


Thank you for all the great comments last week. I truly appreciate them.

Have a Terrific Thursday, and Tangle On!