Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekly Challenge #305

Greetings Tanglers!

It’s a quick one today, as I have conferences this week that I need to get prepared for at school.

The diva challenge this week is a DuoTangle using Marasu and Molygon. I used a renaissance 3Z tile with black and brown micron, graphite, and white charcoal. 

I also finished a few more traveling tangles that are ready to send out.

Michele over at Coffee and Creativity finished some starts that I sent her a while ago. They are so lovely, and it was so fun to see how she finished them. If you want to take a look you can here.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekly challenge #304

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!

We have been having an unseasonably warm spell here in Minnesota! We have spent the last five days in the mid to high 50’s and it’s February! I have been enjoying every minute of it that I can. Never fear though, we have snow expected later this week.

The challenge at the diva this week is to use Waybop. I have been playing since last week with this, when HQ sent out the “hearty” Version it. Here is what I have come up with.

Another Valentangle using a watercolor stained tile, red and black pen, red and white charcoal to highlight/shade, and a Silver Gel pen.


My IAST #184 tile also using Waybop. Blue and gray watercolor stained tile, black and white pen, Graphite and white and blue charcoal.

And last but not least a Rennaisance tile using black, and brown pen, along with graphite, and brown and white charcoal.

I will be looking forward to continuing to play with this tangle, as it lends itself to lots of different interpretations and some wonderful layering.

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They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle On!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentangle Challenge

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to drop in again this week, 
and wish all of you fellow Tanglers,
a Great “Valentangle” Day!

I had to try out some Hearty Waybop. (Note to self: next time, don’t use a bijou tile for the first time that you try a new tangle…. Way to small!) See the blog post from Zentangle here to see the step outs for this fun tangle.

Have a great day! Tangle On!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Challenge #303

Greeting Fellow Tanglers!

It’s Valentangle time over at the diva this week. I have been working on some hearts for various people, and am also using a couple of IAST tiles for cards too. 

Here are the tiles for IAST #183 I made a mistake with the pattern, on the first one that I tried, but after completing a second tile, in true Zentangle form of there are no mistakes, went back and finished it up anyway. A tanglation right!?

Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Weekly Challenge #302

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!

We are having a cold snap here in Minnesota today. Below zero again, and wind chills, but at least the sun is shining! Good news is that it isn’t going to last that long, as it back in the 40’s by this weekend. The challenge at the diva this week is a UMT, Hamadox by Diana Schreur. I decided I wanted to continue my February hearts theme and try to morph it into a heart, and this is as close as I could get it. I started it out with two paradox triangles and went from there, added a bit of Florz in the background and done!

Here is the tile for IAST #182 where we used the tangles Amore and LG, by Adele Bruno, and Opus by Zentangle.

Annette, was kind enough to send me a little surprise mosaic of the tile that I contributed to her Tangle Mosaic Project, Starry Sky. I figured that I would share those here with you too. You can see the results of all the tiles, tangled from around the world, here.


Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comments, they do make my day.
As always, have a great week and Tangle on!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weekly Challenge #301

Greeting Fellow Tanglers!

The diva challenge this week came from a video that Rick and Maria released called Kitchen Table Tangles. In the first of what will be a series, Rick demonstrates the DuoTangle of Paradox and Diva Dance. Laura picked this as our challenge this week.

Stephanie@EverythingIsArt was nice enough to do a traveling tangle though her blog awhile back, (since I am not on Facebook) and I did a trade with her. Of course one was sitting on my worktable ledge staring me in the face, and I didn’t know what to do with it. The start was Paradox, so it was the perfect storm so to speak, and just what I needed to get it finished. Here is my finish, and Stephanie’s start. (I started rounding one of the paradox before I remembered to take a photo.)

Michele also threw out the option of a traveling tangles trade on her blog, so I was working this past week on getting her starts ready to go. I can’t wait to see how they morph and change with someone else finishing them. I can see why this could get addicting, plus the fun of getting interesting snail mail. Sent them off in a tangled 3Z card.

I also finished a tile for the Tangled Mosaic Project #6. The theme was Starry Sky. You can find more information about this project here.

Lastly here in my IAST #181 from last week. We used Zen bud as a string, and Pozer, and Puf which were both new to me tangles. I also wanted to share a photo of my new quarter enrichment group at school and a mosaic of their first tiles. They all all had a great time with tangling, and are busy on their second tiles this week.

 Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!