Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weekly Challenge #198

Greetings everyone! First, let me thank you for all, for the lovely comments last week. It was another crazy time for me, so it really made my day when I could take a second and check in. Thank you!!!

The diva this week in honor of the 4th year of her challenge went “old school” to the start of the challenges and asked us to “Keep is Simple Silly”, although I remember another word being substituted for the last one….

My first thought was to go back to my beginning, and that first tile that I did when attending training. Here is a Bijou using those first tangles that I officially learned, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge and Printemps, all on a Z string.

Another simple tile, and Wish for you this Season.

May Love

 Come to You!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Challenge #197

Welcome back to Laura over at i am the diva.  The challenge this week is to use Arukas in our tiles. But first I have some catching up to do.

I did a second tile for Sandy Hunter’s challenge #195, “Turning Old into New”. I started that week out showing you the different ways to do Widgets, but wanted to also show you a finished tile.

Next up is Emily Classon’s challenge #196, “All Dolled UP”. I had this one started, and worked on it during the week, but last week was a busy one for me as besides teaching full time, I was also getting ready to do an in service day for teachers at the end of the week, using a new program that we are learning this year at school. Those always make me a bit nervous, especially the tech piece, so I really needed to get my ducks in a row! I have a doll that a good friend of mine gifted me a couple of years back. It doesn’t really have a name per say…. It is called a "D, ends in it" doll, to be used for stress relief, and it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the challenge. It gets used frequently when things are not going so well!  So here is a tangled "D" doll.

Lastly are the two Bijou tiles with a couple of different ways, using Arukas. I only had the wee ones with me, so would like to try this on a larger tile, but for now this will do. 

Thanks for visiting and for the kind comments you leave. They make my day.
Have a Great Week, and Tangle ON!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Challenge #195

Sandy Hunter is the guest blogger over at i am the diva this week, and she came up with a very fun challenge. Take a pattern, decide whether is it a grid based or a free-form one, and then try to use that pattern in the opposite way. I decided to take one of my own, Widgets, directions and samples here. Widgets was designed as a free-form fill pattern, and I put it into a grid, border, and as Sandy called it, a Conga line! I really liked the way that it worked in a grid and would have never thought about putting it in one. This was a very fun thing to do and I see myself doing more of this in my tangle journal with other patterns, as I have time. I am stopping at one this week as it’s a busy week getting ready for the Thanksgiving festivities.

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments.
Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
Tangle On!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 194

Elisa Murphy is the guest blogger; over at i am the diva for the challenge this week. She challenged us to use out non-dominant hand to work on our tiles, or as she called it “Embracing the Yuck!”

Here are some of the thoughts in my head while working…Turn the tile, thinking harder, remember to relax my grip on the pen, working upside down seems to help, turn the tile, think harder…. humm, easier to move my whole arm, Wow that’s pretty wonky, relax that grip again, oh it’s easier to go backwards with the strokes, pretty wonky….

I also launched another random act of Zentangle out into the world. I was in Portland, Oregon for training, for a few days, and here is what I left behind on one of the conference tables. 


 We had a great view from our conference room. 

 They also had some cute yarn bombings going on in the city, based around the theme of the ugly sweater… Too fun!


  Thanks for stopping by, and for the comments you leave.

Happy Hump Day, and Tangle On!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekly Challenge #193

The challenge this week from guest challenger Holly Atwater, on i am the diva, is a TriTangle, using Trio, Huggins and XYP. In other words, THX! 

My thanks to all the great folks who continue to spur me on in this tangling journey, and who also keep my spirits up on those down days by leaving me comments. You do not know how much that means to me.

Thanks also to those great men and women who risk their lives in our armed services, and to their families left behind who keep on, keeping on without them, this Veterans Day. Thank you all for your service.

Here are a couple of gratitude tiles…

Have a great week and Tangle On!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Challenge #192

TGIF! It has been one of those very busy weeks again, so I am running late getting my challenge for i am the diva, done and up this week.  Chris Letourneau is filling in for the diva, and she challenged us to use a great tangle called Seton. I had fun playing with a few new Gelly Roll pens and some color pencils on a black tile. I can see that Seton is going to be one of those go to tangles.

 Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments!
Everyone have a terrific weekend and Tangle On!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Challenge #191

The challenge this week from, i am the diva, is a monotangle using Betweed.

Betweed is one of my favorite tangles to use, and over the years I have used it in many a tangle. I wanted to try something a little different with one of the Renaissance tiles, but what was in my head and what came out was not quite the same thing. That’s tangling for you! Here it is anyway, as with the end of the quarter this Thursday, I am up to my eyeballs in grading! If I have some extra time I may give it another go. 

 Also needed to get a Make Me Happy Zentangle finished for someone, and she wanted a tangled football ATC. So....

Are you ready for some Monday Night Football?!?

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments you choose to leave. 
I always enjoy hearing from you!

Have a great week and Tangle on!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Challenge #190

The challenge this week from i am the diva is 
“Challenge Pink” for Breast Cancer
Laura asked us to use pink in memory of her grandmother Ardath. This challenge is near and dear to my heart as our family has been hit very heavily with this disease. 

I have lost my mother Elaine, my two aunts, Debbie and Jennifer, and my grandmother Beatrice to this disease. So Kjome ladies this one is for you!

For me it’s always a knock on wood, and so far so good, although I do have a couple of titanium markers. 

It is my Hope that someday this disease can be cured for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always I enjoy your comments!
Have a great weekend and Tangle On!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekly Challenge #189

Greetings to everyone today! Laura and family were celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada this week, so we waited a day for the, i am the diva challenge to come out. It looks like they had a fabulous time! Our challenge this week was a UMT,  “Yuma” by Tina-AKUA, CZT. You can find the step outs for her tangle here. I decided to actually make it a mono-tangle for this first go around, and add a bit of fall color too. I like the overall way that it turned out but was unhappy with the Black ink smearing a bit when I went in with my colorless blender to blend the color pencil that I had added. I have not had that happen before. No time at the moment to re-do, as it’s back into Parent/Teacher conferences for me this evening. Maybe later in the week I can try another. 

Here is another of the Bijou tiles using Hypnotic. I think it’s going to go into a necklace for later this month! 

My thanks to you for stopping by, and also to those who leave such lovely comments!
You make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle On!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Challenge #188

The challenge this week from i am the diva, comes from 12-year-old tangler Daniel, who wanted to support his friend who is gay. What a well spoken young man he is, who is being supportive to the LGBT community. Having friends and family in the community I couldn’t agree more. To read more of his story check out, i am the diva.

My time is limited as it is Parent/Teacher conferences at school this week and miscellaneous meetings to attend after school, so I used a rainbow to show my support on an ATC. 

My thanks to all of you who left me such lovely comments this past week! 
They truly make my day! Have a great week and Tangle On!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekly Challenge #187

Greetings everyone. Here is my tile for the, i am the diva challenge this week. It was fun to just do a blind string and then have to work with it. As you can see, mine ran its self off the page ad back on. I also decided to leave a little white space, as I thought it might get to busy without it.

Here is the original string.

I also worked some more with Diva Dance and Phicops from a couple of weeks ago,


 and on an ATC, for a trade over at ATCsforAll.


Thank you for all the great comments last week. I truly appreciate them.

Have a Terrific Thursday, and Tangle On!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Challenge #186

Fall is beginning to be so beautiful here in Minnesota. The leaves are really starting to change, but there is still green around too. I love when you get the maples with all the colors mixed together in one tree, before they turn completely to one color or another. I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend outside, so just wanted to pop in and post my piece for the, i am the diva challenge this week.

A few little Bijou leaves fell from the trees……

 And look what happened…..

 Thank you for all your kind comments!

Have a great weekend and Tangle On!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Challenge #185

Happy Hump Day! This week has been flying by, and I just wanted to quick post my piece for the, i am the diva challenge this week. Our challenge is to use Phicops and Diva Dance in a DuoTangle, to honor Laura and B-Rad’s 10th Anniversary! I really enjoyed using both these tangles together, and if I have more time this week I will continue to play with them.

Thank you for the warm welcome back, and the lovely comments last week.
You all make my day when you take the time to comment.

Have a great week and Tangle On!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge #184 "ING"

I’m Back! School started and all my own work came to a crashing halt, while getting my classroom up and running! Things are going well this year and all my kids seem super. I am hopeful that it will last through the honeymoon stage. All you teachers out there know what I am talking about!

I found myself getting a little twitchy this week because I hadn’t been tangling, so I made the time to sit down and play with ING for this week’s i am the diva challenge. I think that ING is going to be one of those tangles that the more that I play with it the better I am going to like it.

 Here is one using it with a bit more of a curve. It reminded me of the sails on the sailboats at the lake.

 Here are two more, one just playing with different fillers and directions, and a little Bijou tile playing with other tangles. 

I also saw another great yarn bomb on the way home from the lake last time. This was taken in front of the Caribou Coffee in Red Wing, MN. It is so much fun and so bright and colorful I just had to stop! Enjoy!


Have a great week and Tangle On!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Weekly Challenge #181 "Water"

The weekly challenge from i am the diva this week is “Water”. Like Laura and family, I am taking advantage of the last hurrah before school starts to spend some time at the lake. Here is my tile using Seeing Stars, Phicops, a bit of Tipple, and a Yew-dee/Well tangleation. 

Enjoy “Surf's Up”!

I have continued playing with the Bijou tiles so here are the latest in the bunch.

You never know what you are going to see on Lake Pepin, and I just had to share the “house boat” that motored on past the other day!  Recycling at its best, complete with the lace curtains, and the chocolate Lab on board!

 Thank you to all of you who took the time to leave me a comment last week. 
You make my day!

Have a great week and Tangle On!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge #180

It’s a Terrific Tuesday!

This week’s challenge from i am the diva is a UMT, use my tangle, brought to us by Anneke Van Dam. I had some fun playing with this tangle, and here is the result.

I also continued to play with the Bijou tiles, as I received my order, and they were so much fun last week. 

Last is a photo of the Super Moon, the night before it was actually full. The weather report called for clouds, for the full moon, so I figured this was going to be it, if I wanted to see it. It was amazing, almost like having daylight. No retouching at all on the photo and it was just taken with my trusty point and shoot.

Thanks for the lovely comments from everyone last week, 
and for stopping by this week to see what I have been up to.

Tangle On!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekly Challenge #179

Greetings to Bijou this Tuesday! I am so glad to have you out in public!

The challenge from i am the diva was to try out this new format! You can find out more about Bijou here.

I am waiting for my Bijou tiles to arrive, so for this weeks challenge I was not sure what I wanted to do. But wait, I thought to myself…. I think I have something that will work. While at Tangle U earlier this spring we were gifted two wee samples of Sue Jacobs beautiful hand colored tiles, a round and a square one. What if they were the right size? I was lucky and the square one was the perfect Bijou size! If you are interested in Sue’s tiles and want to order some for yourself, you can see and read all about them here. They are really quite lovely.

I decided that Bijou would walk along the Printemps trail, among the Zingers.

I also continued to enjoy leaving some RAZ’s, Random Acts of Zentangle, around Lake City, Minnesota.

First I left this one at Port 104, a restaurant/bar, with an attached bowling alley. They had some folks in there bowling one evening and here is the tile I left behind and the placement on the table.

The second one was left at my favorite little shop, Treats and Treasures. Here is the tile placed in the shop, (sorry about the quality, but I had to be really subversive with this one due to the other shoppers). They have the greatest fudge! My current favorite is the Espresso, followed closely by the Dark chocolate caramel sea salt.

Here is a better shot of it.

 We continue to enjoy the beautiful view, sitting out in front of our place in the evenings.


 My thanks to you for stopping by, 
and to all of you lovely people who commented on my work last week, 
You Rock!

 Have a Terrific Tuesday and Tangle On!