Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Challenge #190

The challenge this week from i am the diva is 
“Challenge Pink” for Breast Cancer
Laura asked us to use pink in memory of her grandmother Ardath. This challenge is near and dear to my heart as our family has been hit very heavily with this disease. 

I have lost my mother Elaine, my two aunts, Debbie and Jennifer, and my grandmother Beatrice to this disease. So Kjome ladies this one is for you!

For me it’s always a knock on wood, and so far so good, although I do have a couple of titanium markers. 

It is my Hope that someday this disease can be cured for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always I enjoy your comments!
Have a great weekend and Tangle On!


  1. My hope as well. Love the many tangle that work so nicely together.

  2. Your ribbon letters are fabulous and I love the Marasu. It's all great!

  3. This ribbon and the others tangles you have chosen are lovely together.

  4. Beautiful Tile, Kate. Your ribbon is so fluid and beautifully colored. All of your tangles are awesome, and include your magic touch. An excellent Tile, I love it

  5. Your ribbon in front of a lot of tangles makes it really to a full statement.
    Thanks for sharing, Kate and let´s hope all together.

  6. I don't know how you balance so many tangles and make it look so effortless. Fabulous piece.

  7. Your pink Hope ribbon is such a wonderful way to represent awareness amongst those gorgeous tangles!

  8. Really beautiful, Kate. So sorry your family has been hit so badly by this. You tile is just perfect. Axxx