Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Challenge #132

This week the challenge from i am the diva was to complete a monotangle using bales using your non-dominant hand. I did have this done on Tuesday, but with the spotty Internet service, I am back at the Rabbit bakery to make my latest post today. Here are some of my thoughts on the challenge.
-I found that I gripped the pen more tightly with my left hand, and had to consciously keep reminding myself to lighten up.
-I also had problems with the pen line skipping more that with my dominant hand.
-I finally figured out about half way through the tile that I was a bit more controlled if I pulled the line towards myself.
-With pulling the lines always towards me on the later half of the tile, the turning of the tile became very important, more so that usual.
-Shading was the least of my problems, but if you look close I was a bit heavy handed with the blending stump.
-It was an interesting challenge, wobbly lines and all.

The other thing that I ran into this week was my first, in person viewing of yarn bombing. Word has it that persons in black, late on Sunday evening, yarn bombed this tree, on basically the main street of Lake City, Mn. It sits right on Highway 61 running through town. I heard that it was done to celebrate a birthday for someone. After seeing yarn bombing on the Internet it was really a delight to see one in person. To those persons in black, I think that you Rocked It! Here are a few pictures of their work.

As always thank you checking in, and for your comments.
This teacher is looking forward to her last few days of freedom, before school starts next week. Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekly Challenge #131

I seem to be running behind this week on the Dex-teria challenge from i am the diva. I do have sort of an excuse though. It’s the last hurrah before school starts back in, so I have been spending as much time at Lake Pepin as I can. This is the view out the front window that I have been enjoying this week.

As for the challenge, I had never used dex before. I know, where have I been? I did find that have difficulty keeping things even, as I seem to like the more organic tangles, but here is the first one that I tried.

Of course I needed to catch up with the calendar again too, so this was the second one that I did. The other challenge for me being out of town, is the lack of internet service, so I am currently sitting in a wonderful bakery, coffee shop named Rabbit's Bakery. They are letting me hook in to the wifi. They have great stuff, so if you are ever in Lake City Minnesota, you have to stop by.

 As always, thanks to all of you who stop by and check out my work. I enjoy hearing from you!
Have a great weekend and Enjoy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weekly Challenge #130

It’s a Terrific Thursday!

Here is my first challenge piece from this weeks, i am the diva. It is a UMT challenge from Jane MacKugler, CZT. Her tangle is called Henna Drum and you can find the step-outs here.

This is the first time that I have used this tangle, but will have to use it more often now.  Here is my piece using Henna Drum.

I finished this piece off using my Dewert Intense watercolor pencils, and I wish that I had been able to get a bit more of a shadow effect, so that’s one thing that I will have to practice on with my new toys!

I have also been working on finishing up some other works in progress. I continued to play around with last weeks challenge, String 04, and here is another that I came up with. I used various colored pencils to finish it off.

I also needed a frame for a small photo. There are those grid seeds again!

And two more artists trading cards in the sea theme, that are on the way to be traded over at ATC’s for All. So even though my challenge piece is a bit late this week, I have been busy!

As always feel free to leave me a comment if you would like, and sign up to be one of my followers. I enjoy so much hearing from you all. Until next time….