Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekly Challenge #178

Welcome back to Laura, of i am the diva, after her trip to the Moebius Syndrome Conference. We missed you, but really had fun with the guest posts from Amy and Carolyn! This week’s challenge, a Duotangle using the letters of our name. 
For me that is a K and an A. Here is my tile for the challenge.

 I used Knightsbridge and Aquafleur.

Hubby and I have taken a bit of time to relax in Lake City, Minnesota recently and enjoyed the beautiful view out the front window. 

 I also took some time to leave a RAZ, Random Act of Zentangle at the local Post Office. Lake City was the home of the inventor of waterskiing, Ralph Samuelson, and is known as "The Birthplace of Waterskiing." Here is a mural in the post office depicting his first waterskiing. Yes they really used a plane, as boat motors at the time were not fast enough to pull him out of the water. 

 Here is the tile I left behind.

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Have a great week and Tangle On!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 177

The challenge this week from I am the diva, is brought to us by the youngest CZT, Caroline Broady. She has introduced us to her new tangle Truffle. You can see it here. I had a great time playing around with this one and decided to do a bit of a tangleation. In my ZIA this week, I decided to use it as a trellis and added another new tangle done by CZT, Michele Beauchamp. She came up with this tangle to honor the Zentangle 10th Anniversary. You can see Sprigs here.

 I also worked on some ATC’s for a swap that I am doing over at ATCsforAll. It’s a  swap for Blue Zentangles.

 Have a great rest of the week and Tangle On!
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly Challenge #176 B.Y.O.B.

The challenge this week from guest challenger CZT, Amy Broady, 
for i am the diva was B.Y.O.B.

I had a bit of a jump on this challenge, as it is something that I have experimented with before. I picked coffee and tea as my beverages of choice, as having tried one of my other favorites, found out it really didn’t give me much color to work with. I haven’t totally given up on it yet, but will need to try some different varieties to see if they will work any better! Here is my tile this week using tea and coffee. I finally figured out how to get them to give me, an intense color. I used the tangle Tripoli, based on a way that Molly verbally walked us through drawing it, at Tangle U this spring.

I have played with this before, and here are some of my first explorations using beverages on my tiles. I had a couple of “dead” tiles that didn’t work out, that I used. There was a serious science experiment going on in the kitchen with cups, bowls, and saucers filled with different types of tea and coffee. I let some of them evaporate to condense the tea, and also the coffee, and then started experimenting. You can see my first finished tile using this technique here. It was so fun to see it posted in the newsletter! Below are those first experiments.

I had a great time with this challenge, and you do need to check out the diva’s site and see some of the other work!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's a String Thing #48 and Diva Challenge #175

I really liked the tangles and string that was picked out by Adele Bruno, CZT this week for “It’s a String Thing”. I wanted to work some more using the black tiles, and a technique that I picked up at Tangle U this year. Here is my tile for this challenge this week. The tangles used are:
Purk and
Printemps - Official Zentangle® patterns
Pippin by Juliet Herring
Pressed Wood by CZT Margaret Bremner

The challenge from i am the diva this week is a UMT Challenge brought to us by Henrike Bratz. We were to use her tangle Crux. I had a good time with this tangle and it was a fun one to learn. Here is my tile for this weeks challenge.


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Saturday, July 5, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #47 Fourth of July Fun!

Fourth of July Fun, was the directive this week from Adele Bruno’s, CZT, “It’s a String Thing” fun! You also should really take a peek at her site this week, as she has the cutest Star Tangled Mailbox you have ever seen! Make sure you go take a look!

Here is my tile this week making the most of the fireworks!

My thanks to those who visit and leave such lovely comments! 
Have a great rest of the weekend and Tangle On!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge #174

The guest challenge from i am the diva this week is by Amiee Belair, CZT. She asked us to use superimposed strings. Here is my contribution this week using the strings.

These are the two strings that I used.

Happy 4th of July!

Take a moment today during your work, or celebrations with friends and family, to think of those service men and women and their families who sacrifice for us to have our freedom!
Also think of those first responders, firefighters, police, and guardsmen and women who work to keep us safe and free at home.
My thanks to you all!
I for one am proud to be an American!
Let Freedom Ring!

Have a great long weekend and keep tangling!