Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge #174

The guest challenge from i am the diva this week is by Amiee Belair, CZT. She asked us to use superimposed strings. Here is my contribution this week using the strings.

These are the two strings that I used.

Happy 4th of July!

Take a moment today during your work, or celebrations with friends and family, to think of those service men and women and their families who sacrifice for us to have our freedom!
Also think of those first responders, firefighters, police, and guardsmen and women who work to keep us safe and free at home.
My thanks to you all!
I for one am proud to be an American!
Let Freedom Ring!

Have a great long weekend and keep tangling!


  1. Beautiful, Kate! I love the over-all roundness feel that it has! And I also appreciated seeing your strings (pre-tangle!) Thanks for the good reminder of the importance of this day! Peace!

  2. I really like your tile especially the way you use the light. It really pops! Your work is always fun to see. :)

    Be sparkly,

  3. Your tile is stunning; fantastic choice of tangles and great balance between dark and light.

  4. Wonderful tile with a great balance between black and white!

  5. Goodness, I LOVE your Aquafleur and Bunzo. They are quite powerful in a good way.

  6. Kate... This is absolutely gorgeous! I also loved your thoughts on the holiday... We are so fortunate! Thank you so much for visiting my blog (I just followed yours! Love it!), and for leaving a comment!

  7. Very nice tile! Great use of few but well balanced tangles!

  8. Love how the Aquafleur and Bunzo really stand out in this tile. Great job.