Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekly Challenge #179

Greetings to Bijou this Tuesday! I am so glad to have you out in public!

The challenge from i am the diva was to try out this new format! You can find out more about Bijou here.

I am waiting for my Bijou tiles to arrive, so for this weeks challenge I was not sure what I wanted to do. But wait, I thought to myself…. I think I have something that will work. While at Tangle U earlier this spring we were gifted two wee samples of Sue Jacobs beautiful hand colored tiles, a round and a square one. What if they were the right size? I was lucky and the square one was the perfect Bijou size! If you are interested in Sue’s tiles and want to order some for yourself, you can see and read all about them here. They are really quite lovely.

I decided that Bijou would walk along the Printemps trail, among the Zingers.

I also continued to enjoy leaving some RAZ’s, Random Acts of Zentangle, around Lake City, Minnesota.

First I left this one at Port 104, a restaurant/bar, with an attached bowling alley. They had some folks in there bowling one evening and here is the tile I left behind and the placement on the table.

The second one was left at my favorite little shop, Treats and Treasures. Here is the tile placed in the shop, (sorry about the quality, but I had to be really subversive with this one due to the other shoppers). They have the greatest fudge! My current favorite is the Espresso, followed closely by the Dark chocolate caramel sea salt.

Here is a better shot of it.

 We continue to enjoy the beautiful view, sitting out in front of our place in the evenings.


 My thanks to you for stopping by, 
and to all of you lovely people who commented on my work last week, 
You Rock!

 Have a Terrific Tuesday and Tangle On!


  1. Your little Bijou is so sweet working his way through such a beautifully done tile. Do you ever wait to see if anyone picks up your work? It would make me crazy HAHA!

    1. Jean, I don't wait, but I must confess, I did check one of the places to see if it had been picked up yet. It's really quite fun to decide where to leave them and try to get the photo without getting "caught" too. I just hope that the folks who find them enjoy them!

  2. What a lovely gift to someone special (maybe Bijou) hope Lake City enjoys. Beautiful work, I can't believe you parted with those lovely pieces. Beautiful work.

  3. OMG.... These are so wonderful... and I love the fact that you left them around... I would love to try that some day... sounds like a lot of fun... and the fudge... sounds GREAT too... Love them all and it would be hard to choose my favorite... but I think the first one with Bijou in it... love it all... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  4. These are awesome. Your linework is superb on all of them especially the tile with your variation on Purf.

  5. my how vibrant your lovely tile is. I love bijou along his printemps trail

  6. I love Bijou nestled among the Printemps!

  7. Wonderful Bijou Tile. Love the color and design. I enjoyed your RAZie adventures. There are some folks who are the recipients of these beautiful Tiles who don't know how lucky they are. Beautiful work.

  8. They are all so very beautiful! I did it once, leaving a tile (RAZ) in a shop. I always think that I'll do it more, but then forget. Thanks for reminding.

  9. Great Bijou tile. I like the blue. It has an aquatic feel to it. I really like the second tile that you left at T & T. The sepia highlights really make this a stunner.

  10. Wonderful your blue Bijou tile! Great highlights on Printemps! Your tile for RAZ is really gorgeous with the touch of colour!

  11. Ohmygosh, how fun is that - random acts of Zentangle. I can so get into this. :) I do love your tiles, especially the one with the lovely pink/coral.

  12. I love the aqua snail. And the idea of leaving behind tiles is simply beautiful. Both RAZ's are beautiful

  13. uuuh, i remember all the noises, when maria and rick introduced bijou to the 15th czt-class.and now, how great to see what everybody is creating for this bijou-challenge. i really like your blue tile, immagine how proud bijou is, when he sees, that art lady takes time to draw him...and all the other artists too

  14. I love your little blue Bijou, and I especially like your interpretation of Purk in the next tile. Very different and nicely geometric!

  15. I like that Bijou is taking a stroll down printemps. Your random acts are beautiful also, both the work and the thought.

  16. These are all gorgeous! I love the last one best and what a fun idea to leave them different places. Do you sign them on the back or just leave them? I always wonder what to do with all the tiles I create!
    Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

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  17. Love your blue Bijou! Both tiles are beautiful. The highlights and colors on both tiles are just gorgeous.

  18. Just gorgeous! How clever of you to leave Bijou as RAZ's. You've inspired me to do this in Australia this week. The perfect size to leave a beautiful Bijou snail trail of fun!

  19. Kate... Your entries are absolutely wonderful! I sure wish I lived in your area... I would be on the look out to find one of your tiles! What a treasure! I haven't left a tile yet... maybe soon...