Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Challenge #126

Here are my tiles for this weeks challenge from I am the diva. In this weeks challenge we were to use stencils as our strings. I only have a couple of stencils in my supplies, so used one of them to make both of these tiles, just different parts of the same stencil. I have to say that I found this challenge difficult. It seemed that I had to think too much to decide what patterns to put in the spaces, so it lost some of the “zen” for me. For what that’s worth, here are my tiles this week. Thanks to Laura for another interesting challenge.

Thanks to you all who take the time to comment! I appreciate the feedback.
Whoo Hoo! One month and counting!


  1. A pitty that you lost some zen, because I think that's a big and important part of zentangle (like the word says).
    But .... the result is beautiful!

  2. Both are lovely! I Love the tangles you chose and the shading. Great job!