Saturday, July 6, 2013

More of the Weekly challenge #125

I still wanted to play around a bit more with Birdie Feet; from i am the diva
UMT challenge, by Owl Loving April.

This time I worked the feet into a grid seed and played around with that as a border. I found that you could do lots of different things with the placement of the seed, with the direction of the feet, and which parts you shaded, colored in or added tanglations to.

Here is my version of  “In the Chicken Yard”

I also have another of the Sea Series for you. Here is "Under the Sea".

I am working remotely on these last couple of challenges, and I am without a scanner, so the pictures I am using are not quite as clear. I will try and scan them for better clarity at a later time. I am also unable to respond to the lovely comments from everyone, but know I will try to catch up once I have a better connection. It’s one of those; love the technology, and hate the technology, times for me!

As always I truly appreciate you comments! Don't forget to follow me if you would like!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Both are very beautiful. I do LOVE your way with Birdie Feet!!!

  2. Birdie Feet in a grid.... quite different, what a great idea!! The realistic look of the feet is fun too!