Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Weekly Challenge #380

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!
Happy New Year to everyone!

I have started the new year out with a blasted cold and cough… came down with it as soon as the holidays were over and it’s still hanging on. Guess that’s what I get for burning the candle at both ends trying to get ready this season. Still not over it, but at least feeling better. I did get some tangling done, but it’s all at home and I am not there to be able to post it, so another time.

The Diva’s Challenge turned 8 during the holidays and I am so happy for her, and the challenge! I have enjoyed spending time with this challenge and can’t wait to continue! This week it was to use circles as a string. I have seen the spinner art and Zen buttons that people have done before and so far, I have resisted buying the spinner toy to make them. I continued to do so this week but did use some color. I just free hand painted the circles in with some watercolors. I also used my new Reticula and Fragments book that I picked up at ZenAgain. The fragments used from the outer ring inward were, RE1-FL4, by CZT Amy Herman, RF2-FD13 by CZT Inge Frasch, RD1-FM1 by CZT Deb Turnipseed, and RL2-FH25 by CZT Laurie Patterson. I haven’t done much work with reticula and fragments so it was a fun way to get started.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!


  1. Wonderful tile - love the green!!!

  2. Also with fragments we can make wonderful tiles and that is what you show us here: wonderful colours, wonderful use of the fragments and wonderful drawn!!!
    I hope you will feel better soon. Enjoy lots of delicious hot thea's with a tiny bit of honey of Maple Sirup!!!

  3. Wow, very beautiful! Hope you will be better soon, I think we are 'in the same boat'(is that English, or just an translation of a Dutch verb, I wonder). Anyway, take care!!!!!

  4. Beautiful button and colors! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Wonderful Zenbutton! I like the colours!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  6. A very beautyful interpretation of Lauras challenge! You show us, it doesn't need a spinner to play with round tiles. It is a wonderful way, you used a combination of friendly spring-looking coloring and the fragment patterns!

  7. What a wonderful tile!! I like the pattern choice and color combination. I had not heard about the Reticula and Fragments book so I looked it up. Hope your cold has faded away and that you are feeling your old self again.