Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Weekly Challenge #374

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!

It’s a crazy week for me this week. It is the end of the quarter already at school, and I am trying to get all the kiddos to turn in their work, get grades done, and get ready for zenAgain. (Can’t Wait!) The diva challenge this week is Splotch-tastic fun. I used some liquid watercolor and dripped a couple drops on the tile and flipped them together. I am only going to have time to do one side. I will finish the other some time later. So, short and sweet.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!


  1. Beautiful. It looks so graceful.

  2. Looks like delicious candy. Good luck herding your kiddies!

  3. I really like your choosen colours!

  4. Beautiful colors and beautiful tangles chosen.

  5. I like the butterfly form of your splotches. The colors are lifting my mood.

  6. I love the colour combination and your use of markers to emphasize the tangles.

  7. Wonderful tile! Great colours and great choice of tangles.
    Have a good time at ZenAgain!