Thursday, September 27, 2018

Weekly Challenge #369

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!
I have had a busy few weeks and although I have done the challenges, I just haven’t gotten them posted. I enjoyed just "orbing" around with the diva challenge this week. I used a watercolor tile and a bit of white charcoal for the highlights. 

Last week was Homecoming week, so there are lots of fun goings on. Managed to carve out a little time to do the diva challenge using straight lines. I am not a big fan of lots of straight lines. (Wonky line work!) I used a random paradox so that I ended up with the look of curves even though it is done with all straight lines.

This one is a trial of Helen Williams string grid. I had fun with that after all the straight lines!

Here is a mosaic of the first tiles in my quarter 1 enrichment class this fall! They are really enjoying it so far.

Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!


  1. Oh, your orbs look like a string of pearls found on a beach.

  2. Beautiful. The orbs look amazing in blue background.

  3. Gorgeous work Kate❤ I especially love the Helen inspired piece. So elegant and those orbs are pretty Fab too😉

  4. Would make a glamorous necklace. Well done.

  5. Indeed, just like a string of pearls :-) My favorite is the third one, so very elegant and great colors.

  6. My absolute favorite are your flowery string grid and the pearls for Laura! The mosaic of your class is very nice. I think they had much joy by tangling.

  7. Pretty work in your classroom, congratulations!
    Lovely tile with Helen's string grid but my fave of this post is your beautiful contribution for Laura!

  8. Beautiful pearls and orbs tile! I really like your floral tile and Paradox one as well.

  9. How lovely you made the tile for the Diva! the rest is also great!

  10. Beautiful work! Especially I like the third tile ... it´s so elegant!

  11. Sweet orbs. They look like I could pick them up and wear them around my neck. I really like the colored paper you used as the substrate on Helen Williams'string grid. Is it a regular official Zentangle tile? If so, what did you use for the color?

    1. Suzanne, It is a regular tile, but sprayed with liquid watercolors.