Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Weekly Challenge #306

Greeting Fellow Tanglers!

This week at over at i am the diva the challenge is a UMT, use my tangle, featuring Amphora by ZenLilyMoon. I had a bit of a break this past week after getting through parent teacher conferences at school. A whole crew of us oldsters with a few youngs thrown in, went north skiing, for a long weekend. A good time was had by all, and we all came back with no major injuries! Here we all are at the top, overlooking Lake Superior. It was a beautiful sunny day, something that we have been lacking lately.

The "Narrows Ski Team"

My friend and I.
 I used a ATC that I had received from Michele Wynne, one of the traveling tangles, to do this week’s diva challenge. I did make the mistake of going way to small, but I think that I managed to save it with a few white additions.

I couldn't find the photo of Michele’s start. (Frown)
But you can see it here in Michele's Blog.
It is the top right hand one in the group of six.

 I decided that I wanted to try it again but a little larger, and pulled out a tile from Heidi Whitney another of my Travelling tangle friends. This is a sweet bijou sized tile. I really like it much better bigger, and I can see that this is a tangle that will be used again. Both of the tiles for this challenge were colored using the tissue paper dying method.

 Heidi’s start.

Finally finished the last Travelling tangle from Stephanie, at everything is art. I decided to break out the Copic markers and add a bit of color, as we have been having quite a few gray days and I am craving some sun and some color. 

 Stephanie's start.

I have found that working on others starts a challenge but a fun one! I do have to ponder what I am going to do a bit, but am getting better at just jumping right in. 

 Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great week and Tangle on!


  1. I agree, the larger scale really works. And the last tile, looks like liquorice all sorts - fun! delicious!

  2. All tiles are beautiful and I prefer the second one.

  3. Wow! These are all amazing Kate;-)

  4. Beautiful work, all of your tiles, my favorite is the one you have made with MIchele.
    It is good to have a break now and than, you look very good and happy on the picture.

  5. The word "jazzy" keeps popping into my head when I look at this set of tiles:) I am intrigued by your tissue paper color technique!

  6. I love how you finished Stephanie's traveling tangle. It is wonderful. I find color to be tricky and you did a great job of enhancing the pattern with color. Plus...beautiful job of incorporating Amphora in Heidi's traveling tangle. Love your work!

  7. these are terrific! what fun! I've got a free day today, and going to play with the tiles you sent! But both of your Amphora tiles are just wonderful. Looks like you have been having fun in the snow, too. :)

  8. Your first tile with Amphora is my favorite. Beautiful and fun !

  9. Your tiles are all soooo cheerful! I adore them! I really like your use of color and the white gel pen to make everything stand out! Each piece has such wonderful composition! Beautifully done!

    Your long weekend ski trip looks like it was a lot of fun!

  10. These are all so beautiful!! You did a grat job adding color to your tiles, they look lovely.

  11. Very beautiful and colourful tiles!

  12. Super collection of tiles again. My favorite is the last one. I love the contrasts of colors.

  13. Oohhhh skiing! Sounds like fun! Your tiles are fabulous! Love all the colours! You made Amphora work perfectly on the little bijou. I absolutely LOVE the way you've finished Stephanie's Tile! Beautifully coloured beads, and your Marasu shines! :)

  14. I LOVE how you finished the traveling tangle. Love the bit of color.

  15. these are all yummy! Sorry I didn't get in here to comment before, but I'm so glad I did drop by. You've done some amazing things.