Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 Days of 3Zs

Greetings Fellow Tanglers!

I am working on the 12 days of 3zs challenge that Zentangle HQ is doing this holiday season and wanted to share my first 5 days. So here it goes…

On the first day of 3Zs
Bijou gave to me
A tile full of tripoli.

On the second day of 3Zs
Bijou drew for me
A fetching diva dancing . . . 

On the third day of 3Zs
Bijou gifted me
some winsome bits of shattuck . . .

On the fourth day of 3Zs
Bijou tangled me
Some marasu encircling . . .

On the fifth day of 3Zs
Bijou wrapped for me
Gold, glowing tipples . . .

I used and idea from SandyKJCZT, that I saw on the mosaics app, where I can be found at #1ArtLadyKateCZT9 to put them together like this…

As always, Thanks for stopping by, and for all of your lovely comments!
They do make my day!
Have a great weekend and Tangle on!


  1. I love your tangling, Kate. :) Every tile has so much gorgeousness in it. And your design creativity always inspires me! I get so excited when I see you've offered us a new post. :D

  2. Beautiful mozaïek of all 3Zs tiles together. Lovely.