Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More on the Weekly Challenge #163

I just couldn’t stay away from playing with Rixty this week. It has been unseasonably cold again here in Minnesota, and very gray skies, so I needed some color! I used prismacolor pencils for the color, but couldn’t get them to blend quite like I wanted them to due to the slickness of the paper, but I still had fun! Here is a second one for the challenge. I titled it.. 

Ramblin’ Rixty!

 Many thanks for the lovely comments!
Happy Hump Day! Have a great rest of the week and enjoy tangling!


  1. Wonderful Rixty with these bright rainbow colours!!!

  2. Your colors are so bright and really pop! This is such a fun pattern to see in color!
    Nice job!

  3. Spring will arrive soon! Your zia proves it. Beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous, Kate! Love, LOVE the gradients.

  5. Aww, look at that rainbow Rixty!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's been a very long week! Means a lot from all of the folk!

  7. Hello, Neighbor! Just saw your comment on Zentangle Blog and thought to pop in and introduce myself. I am in Minnesnowta, too! Isn't this a crazy winter? I can't wait 'til spring! (lol) Love your bright colors and fun " Ramblin' Rixty".

  8. Gorgeous Kate! I love the vibrancy of all the colours! And a good way to tangle three days in one foul swoop! I am behind by about a week, yikes, need to catch up!

  9. Oh! I love this! I haven't had the time to tangle even a single stroke in weeks, but this awesome ZIA is so inspiring that I may have to find the time to doodle one off sooner than later. Stunning! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Love your colorful rambling Rixty!