Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More on Challenge #157

I had a bit more time today to try out some more of Charlie, this weeks UMT challenge from i am the diva. I played around with scale a bit on this one, using Charlie, Striping and Knase. 

 I wanted to try out a new tangle by Annie Taylor called Lamota, which you can see here, and I paired it with another tangleation of Tropicana. They both have one part that is similar in shape. I wanted to try out some shading options on Lamota too.

Have a great rest of the week and Tangle On!
Thanks for all your kind comments.


  1. Both are beautiful, I love the boldness of the first one.

  2. Oh wow, Kate! It looks so wonderful and grown up here! Thank you so much for giving it a go and making it a real part of the tangling world. I'm sure it feels very proud to be teamed up with Tropicana like that. Axxx

  3. It's fantastic, Kate - don't know if you got my first message as my compute was playing up this morning...but I'm delighted to see what you've done with Lamota! Axxx

  4. Love both of your tiles! I like the bold Striping on the first and how it looks with the other tangles. I have never tried Lamota or Tropicana but they look really cool on your tile!

  5. Both are lovely! The first one has a great contrast!