Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Danger Zone Weekly Challenge #142

“Highway to the Danger Zone

Right into the Danger Zone”

That is the i am the diva challenge for this week.

For me, that is trying the new things without practicing them first.

So here were my out of the comfort zone attempts.

-A round tile

-Using black ink and brown ink together. I always love what Maria Thomas and Shelly Beauch do when they use this combination, but I have not until now tried it myself.

-Using white charcoal pencil to shade.

-And last but not least using a brand new Tangle, for the very first time and putting it straight onto the tile without any practice beforehand.

I managed to check off all of them in this attempt. Even though the new tangle isn’t quite “right”, I am still pleased with my first attempt.

Just remember,

“You Don’t Know What You Can Do!

Until You get it up as High as You Can GO!”

 Thank you for stopping by and seeing my work, and to those of you who leave me comments. You do make my day!


  1. Very nice work. I love the choice of colours and patterns.

  2. This is excellent! You should be so proud! I also took a head-first leap at using tangles I've never used before & not practicing them first... you did much better than I did. You did a great job with the balance of black & brown, & the white charcoal shading is beautiful!

  3. Wow, it is gorgeous! Love the subtle color change, it helps to bring depth. Beautifully done! NancyD

  4. Wow you did a great job on this new tangle. And than without practising before the use of the tile! Tuhe cobmination of black and brown indeed is wonderful! And it looks like a tile done by Maria!

  5. Zippity do dah, you did it! With style, panache and beautiful balance of colour!!

  6. This is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!

  7. Wow–I love it all! From the dramatic lines to the impeccable shading, this tile is fabulous. I especially adore how you have varied the size of your tipple orbs.

  8. Beautifully done Aquafleur! You have done a masterful job with this beautiful tangle, and your use of the brown pen, and white charcoal for shading are really well done. Love the aura you've added to it, and your really nice tipple. All excellent and beautiful!

  9. It's beautiful! I'm still figuring out how I want to use it.