Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Challenge #135

Well, it was back to school I went, and now two weeks in, and things have finally started to settle down, I think anyway. That is why I have been absent for a while.

Well, you know how you have certain tools that you grow to love? Well, as I was starting to work on well, I had some students asking me about it. Well, one of my favorite pencils….. (It has been with me a little over a year now, as it was the createacolor graphite pencil that I received at my CZT training, so small at this time,) disappeared from my desktop. No one would say that they had taken it…. Sigh. Of course, since I am the one that does all the ordering, I started looking through the catalogs after school. I could not find them. Then it was on to the web. Well, I finally found them and I am happy to report that I have a box on the way. I know it’s a weird thing; some of the other brands are probably just as good. Trust me, I have lots in the room and the kids, also have lots of different brands, that I ask to try out, when I see something new. I just liked this one.  Well, that was my day, and I have had a fun time trying this one out, and as in the past, I was behind with the calendar again, and well, had to catch up! Thanks Laura, for another great challenge! (Check it out here, and see what other folks did too!) As always thank you for the comments, I do really love to see what everyone thinks of my work. Keep on tangling and have a great week.

Well, here is my playing around with Well!


  1. lovely variations! makes a beautiful frangipani flower.

  2. I do like your well, especially the big ones on top.

  3. Nice exploration of Well. I also like your use of color. Nice color combination.

  4. Beautiful! Lovely variations of Well and wonderful coloring!